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Many men have no problem when it comes to approaching and dating the average Jane, but when it comes to approaching very pretty girls, they are stumped. Why is this so?

Well, we all know the answer to this question, don’t we? This is our fear of rejection at work.พริตตี้ This is the fear that can bruise the mightiest man’s ego that is holding guys back from dating very pretty girls.

Can I ask you a question? Don’t you like the idea approaching beautiful women and asking them out for dates? You do? Then how on earth are you going to do that if you are even afraid of talking with them?

Okay, let me let you in on something. The truth is that there are a number of myths men believed in concerning very pretty girls and the girl’s views about dating and these are the myths that create fears for some things that do not even exists. So if you believe in these lies like most guys do, then you are not going to have any success with dating very pretty girls. So let us now take a look at some of these irrational fears men have about pretty girls.

Pretty girls will only be interested in good-looking handsome men

This is perhaps the biggest of all myths men have about pretty girls. While most girls when asked will say that they prefer good looking handsome men as their boyfriends, this is not completely true.

If all the pretty girls only want to go out with guys who are tall, dark and handsome, then there won’t be enough good looking guys to go around, right? I believe that you must have seen ugly guys dating beautiful girls on numerous occasions, haven’t you?

Okay, I concede that to a certain extent, good looks do count somewhat, but not as much as most guys think. The reason is because women generally are attracted to men with alpha male traits like self-confidence, good sense of humor and strong character. You may already know, girls regard good looks as lesser quality when taken in relation to good personality and male macho confidence. If you are interesting and exciting to be with, you will exude attractiveness to women.

Beautiful women are hard to handle

This is because most men don’t know how to handle a beautiful woman. When a guy spies a beautiful women, he will typically do of these two things. The first thing is that he will be afraid to approach and talk to her. So he let the opportunity pass.

Let’s say that if he does make the move, he will give the woman a higher status than himself by showing attraction towards her and agreeing with everything she says or do. Unknown this man, he actually boring her to exasperation.

When in this situation, guys should behave as an equal or better yet, of even higher status than the girl. The reason for this is because all pretty girls are used to being given higher status by submissive guys and thus if you behave as her equal or of higher, she will admire your self-confidence and will respect and be attracted to you.

Beautiful girls will have no interest in me

Alas, many guys fell for this fatalistic lie. These men are actually lying to themselves. If you are a decent human being, then there is absolutely no reason why beautiful girls shouldn’t be attracted to you if you know how to attract them in the first place.

Some guys even dream up absurd reasons like pretty girls will only want to be seen with rich and famous guys. What rubbish thinking is that? If you believe in this absurdity, then your chances of dating pretty girls are pretty slim, don’t you think so?

You see, your success with pretty girls depends very much on the right way to create sexual attraction towards you. It has almost nothing to do about how rich, good looking or famous you are. It is all about how you can make beautiful girls feel attraction towards yourself and fortunately, these skills can be learnt. Will you take the effort to learn the skills of seduction and be a success with pretty girls? I will for sure.